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Practice a regular physical activity, get rewarded by earning our in app currency, and spend it on the marketplace. Join Beemove and Have fun!

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Turn real-life activities
and online gaming into rewards.

Token BEEZ


Beemove is a Move-to-Earn application. Users get rewarded by receiving our in app currency: BEEZ. Use your BEEZ  on our application, or send them to your friends.

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Move to Earn

Move and Stay healthy

Every step counts! Practice walking on a daily basis to enjoy our application on a higher level. Walking is great, but so many other activities are coming (swimming, biking and a lot more to come).

Play and Have fun (soon)

Earning is cool, but playing games is funnier, right? Our team is actually setting up a game that users will soon find on our application.

Play to Earn
Earn Crypto

Get rewarded and Earn

Earn BEEZ and spend them on our marketplace. We provide our users a wide range of products to choose from. Take advantage of it and join Beemove NOW!

Buy items on the Marketplace


The Beemove team is working with partners from all over the world. You will find your favourite items on our marketplace: from technology to digital collectibles (NFTs), fashion, travels, and food. Get BEEZ to unlock these offers.


Our Partners

Technology is all around. Sport is everywhere.
Be part of this revolution, and Join Beemove as a partner.

LG Electronics
Rip Curl
JD Sports

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